International Council for Health, Physical Education Recreation, Sport and Dance.





ICHPER was founded in 1958 in Rome, Italy by leading professionals in Health and Physical Education and Recreation from 16 countries. It was not until the 1970’s that Africa Regional ICHPER was established.

The first Regional Vice President was from Cairo, Egypt. The second and third Regional Vice Presidents came from Nigeria respectively. The first Nigerian Regional Vice President was Dr. Awoture Eleyae. It was during his tenure of office that the Secretary General for Regional Vice President for Africa Prof. J. Ademola Adedeji was elected as the first to occupy post for two terms of four years each (1983 – 1997). Prof Grace Otinwa was elected as the secretary for Africa Region. She occupied this position from 2003-2015. Thereafter, she emerged as the Regional Vice-President from July 2015 till now. From 2007 to 2015 Prof. V.C. Igbanugo was elected the Regional Vice-President while Prof. E. O. Morakinyo and Prof. Tunji Odedeji were the secretaries. Prof Igbanugo was the Editor of ICHPER.SD Africa Regional Journal with the following Editors( please refere to previous journals).

The disciplines “Sports and Dance (SD)” were added to the name ICHPER in 1993. This conception of a unified world system ICHPER-SD was envisioned by the organization of our academic field as reflected by the name: International Council for Health, Physical Education Recreation, Sport and Dance. Africa Regional ICHPER-SD is an international organization with membership from thirty seven (37) African countries who are engaged in Physical Education, Health Education, Recreation, Sports and Dance that include teachers(s), researchers, health education teacher, coaches, educational administrators, promoters and department in various institutions as well as national and international organizations in the field of Physical Health Education, Recreation – Sport and Dance (ICHPER-SD)

African Regional ICHPER-SD is also dedicated to scholarly pursuit and the exchange of professional information and research productivity among members. The membership comprises: individual, institutional, national organization, international, business and education members all over the thirty seven (37)countries in Africa.

The Regional ICHPER-SD strive towards increasing membership by promoting the building of a strong virile working relationship between ICHPER-SD and each state National association in the Region.

ICHPER-SD has changed in many ways. An important innovation which the council has initiated is the ICHPER-SD Commission structure. The structure comprises 27 Commissions, Commision co-Directors six Regional Directors and members of ICHPER-SD.

Each Commission is a worldwide structural working unit for various specialization or fields of professional emphasis and interest. Each Commission is a body of international organisation to conduct its business and scholarly efforts within the domain or special task area under the organizational umbrella of ICHPER-SD. The Commission is also responsible for carrying out, planning and coordinating programmes for the succeeding ICHPER-SD World Congress and Regional Congress. Moreover the Commission is encouraged and supported to organize ICHPER-SD Commission’s Colloquial, Symposia, Workshops, Seminars and Congress. The table below presents the congresses held in Africa Region, themes, dates and host countries


University of Lagos , Akoka


THEME: Dimensions Of Physical Education  And Sports Literacy in the professionalisation of physical Education and Sports in the African Educational System 

16th – 20th October 2000


THEME: Enhancing Quantity life through ICHPER.SD

February 23rd – 26th, 2005

University of Ibadan

University of Education Winneba, Ghana


THEME: Achieving the Millennium Development Goals through  Quality health, Physical Education and Sports

7th – 12th August, 2006


THEME: Optimizing Performance Excellence and Wellness  through the Changing Phases of Sports, Recreation, Medicine and Exercise Science

14th – 17th October, 2008

University of Botswana

Library Auditorium


University Of Ibadan Conference Centre


THEME: Health, Physical Education Sports and Dance. A Viable Modality for the Pursuit of Mental, Physiological, Psychology and Sociological Health &Well-Being

2nd – 5th February 2011.


THEME: Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sports and Dance as a Tool for Sustainable Developmental Goals in Africa

23rd -27th July, 2018

University of Education Winneba, Ghana

*The Commission is open to all accredited member of ICHPER-SD. ICHPER-SD calls for your participation in her functions. This is because together we can do much for the mission of ICHPER-SD.

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